• Toroban: Update #46

    Updates have moved to discord & twitter!
  • Toroban: Update #45

    Overworld and more!
  • Toroban: Update #44

    Finalizing the game design. Plus PicoES 1.0.0 released!
  • Toroban: Update #43

    Implemented color-component rules, generic rule system, and time blocks!
  • Toroban: Update #42

    Implemented water/sand, animation engine, new locked player clones, animated overlay, control blocks, smooth camera, discovered new mechanics, and more!
  • Toroban: Update #41

    Plans for polishing and finalization of game logic.
  • Toroban: Update #40

    Implemented player color & time state merging.
  • Toroban: Update #39

    Fixed complex time travel edge cases with player-follow logic.
  • Toroban: Update #38

    Implemented player colors, pause-intersection logic for time areas, and more!
  • Toroban: Update #37

    Added pause functionality for the new player. New player color/control block ideas.
  • Toroban: Update #36

    Implemented remaining time-travel compatible, player-laser interactions.
  • Toroban: Update #35

    Food has color, player improvements, and fixed audio.
  • Toroban: Update #34

    Started on new snake player and other fixes and updates.
  • Toroban: Update #33

    Lots of new sprites and graphical updates.
  • Toroban: Update #32

    Updated light beams, worked out snake player mechanics.
  • Toroban: Update #31

    Working on finalizing game mechanics.
  • Toroban: Update #30

    New rendering system to support multi-layer sprites!
  • Toroban: Update #29

    Finished graphics experiments, now testing some alternative mechanics to replace life points.
  • Toroban: Update #28

    Bug fixes and graphics rework.
  • Toroban: Update #27

    Polishing and making long term plans.
  • Toroban: Update #26

    Working on 2.5D sprite engine.
  • Toroban: Update #25

    2.5D sprite design and art style.
  • Toroban: Update #24

    Visual time immune states.
  • Toroban: Update #23

    Smooth wall sprites.
  • Toroban: Update #22

    More time travel levels, upgraded PicoES.
  • Toroban: Update #21

    Improved paradoxes and limited life points.
  • Toroban: Update #20

    Menu UI, pushable items, and visual paradox states!
  • Toroban: Update #19

    Fixed the new UI buttons.
  • Toroban: Update #18

    Finished the input system and working on a new UI!
  • Toroban: Update #17

    Working on the new input system.
  • Toroban: Update #16

    Time areas are fully implemented and working!
  • Toroban: Update #15

    Fixed more timeline bugs.
  • Toroban: Update #14

    Took a break this week.
  • Toroban: Update #13

    Working on time levels.
  • Toroban: Update #12

    Integrated the new action timeline into Toroban!
  • Toroban: Update #11

    Finished timeline data structures!
  • Toroban: Update #10

    Updated project setup, finishing up timeline data structures.
  • Toroban: Update #9

    Working on timeline data structures!
  • Toroban: Update #8

    Updated more rules, working on undo & rewind.
  • Toroban: Update #7

    Planning the remaining mechanics.
  • Toroban: Update #6

    Color posts now block lasers.
  • Toroban: Update #5

    Integrated color posts.
  • Toroban: Update #4

    Life points are implemented - and improved!
  • Toroban: Update #3

    Laser pass-through works now!
  • Toroban: Update #2

    Good news: This is the start of weekly blog posts!
  • Toroban

    Renamed Project Square to Toroban. Here is the new Toroban website.
  • Color Blocks, Lasers, and Offsets

    Project square has evolved into quite an interesting game, so much that it really needs a new name. I probably could have posted each update along the process, but here’s everything now!
  • Toroidal World

    It’s been a long time since the last post. I want to start posting more often but I may need to use another platform for that - since my website views are currently low and don’t have a commenting system for feedback.
  • Time Travel

    Since adding undo support to Project Square, I realized that it could be used as a mechanic in the game. Here is an example of the first time level:
  • Prototypes

    Many prototypes of Project Square have been made. The previous prototype, with cloning and color mechanics, was alright, but felt limited in depth and difficulty. This was because the movement was completely unconstrained, and there were no goals other than getting to the exit of the puzzle. It relied on the many mechanics and cloning rules to make puzzles challenging. The balance between difficulty and amount of rules was off - there were too many rules and special edge cases for the amount of difficulty in the puzzles. Example:
  • Project Square

    Somehow, 4 months ago I posted here saying that I decided on the core mechanics. Well, I got busy with schoolwork, and since then have completely redesigned everything again. So, I’ve finally decided on a base set of a few mechanics that I will be prototyping (not necessarily sticking with). These mechanics have a lot of potential to go very deep in puzzle design. I just recently starting implementing these, and while they are not yet fully functional, I’ve put together a development level as a testbed for the new mechanics. Here is what it looks like currently:
  • Updates

    I made another Entity System, this one is for JavaScript (ES6) though:
  • Project Square

    Project Square is still under development. It has gone through many different prototypes to determine which mechanics are the best. I’ve finally decided on the core mechanics to use, so now I can focus on fully implementing those.
  • Project Square

    I’ve been working on a new game lately (yes, I am making time for it somehow), called Project Square. It’s a 2D rendering of a 3D world.
  • Updates

    I’ve been busy with schoolwork, so don’t expect many updates until spring break or the summer. After December this year I should have more time to work on things.
  • Hex RTS Update

    Since the last post, there’s been a few changes to the design, which hasn’t been public until now so here is the full document: Hex RTS
  • Updates

    I finally migrated this website over to GitHub pages and Namecheap. At the time of writing this, the domain is still being transferred.
  • Multiversal: Demo Released!

    Here’s the first demo release!
  • ES: An Entity System For C++

    Here’s an entity component system I’ve been working on recently. It supports using strings for component types, serialization/deserialization of entities and components, OOP style entities, and syntactic sugar for many operations.
  • Multiversal: Status Update

    I’m working on pushing out an early demo version of this with at least the first 25 levels! I will release it as soon as I get the Windows version built and tested.
  • Multiversal: Level Editor Finished

    The level editor for Multiversal is finally complete. I am now working on creating all of the levels. A demo should be released in the next few weeks, or whenever I feel it is ready.
  • Multiversal Status Update

    The level editor is now working great with painting tiles, switching layers, saving levels, and testing levels. I still need to add object support, as well as a tile/object selection GUI.
  • Multiversal Status Update

    New features:
  • Multiversal

    Finally decided on a name for my puzzle game: Multiversal
  • Puzzle Game Status Update

    Progress was slow for a while, but now it’s finally picking back up!
  • Puzzle Game v0.1.0 Dev

    Switches and force fields have finally been implemented!
  • Puzzle Game

    Finally working on the puzzle game again! Switches should be done soon, as well as something controlled by them - such as force fields, which are like gates that open and close.
  • NetDraw

    NetDraw is a paint program that works over a network. Each client can have a username next to their drawing tool. You can change the color, size, and transparency of your tool.
  • OTPlib

    OTPlib is working and finished. I will be working on a GUI and networking for OTP Chat, and I will use OTPlib to encrypt everything.
  • Future Plans

    Some cool things I am currently working on:
  • Puzzle Game v0.0.9 Dev

    I haven’t had much time lately to post updates here. I have done quite a few updates to the (still untitled) puzzle game, since v0.0.3 Dev:
  • Rebuilt Website

    This website has been rebuilt using Jekyll. Load times will be much better, since the site is statically generated. I will be updating this in the near future to include a comment system, and making a dark theme.
  • Puzzle Game v0.0.3 Dev

    Update: The magic window can be toggled on/off with left/right click. It also stays where it was clicked instead of following your mouse. Here is a demo video of the current game:
  • Puzzle Game v0.0.2 Dev

    This is the second release of my puzzle platformer game. In this version, I made the magic window (still undecided what to call this exactly). The visual effect and collision handling works using the window. So you can jump on tiles in the alternate world, move the window away and you will fall. Or you can go into blocked off places by walking through tiles that don’t exist in the alternate world.
  • Puzzle Game Status Update

    I decided on a different game mechanic for the puzzle game. The laser idea could have been alright, but I couldn’t come up with many interesting, activatable objects to put in the levels.
  • Tileset Generator

    I made this simple utility about 2 weeks ago. It was during the time that I was supposed to be studying for finals (for some summer courses), so I didn’t have time to make a post about it.
  • Puzzle Game v0.0.1 Dev

    This is the first release of my untitled puzzle platformer game! It is a very early development version, and only has a few basic features. You can move and jump around on a map with a parallax scrolling background. The main character is animated, and there is working collision detection and handling.
  • Puzzle Platformer Game

    I recently started working on a new platformer-style game, where the objective is to figure out puzzles in order to get to the end of each level. After brainstorming some possibly interesting game mechanics, I decided on giving the main character a laser-like device, which can be used to transfer energy between different objects in the level. Different objects on the maps will have a simple boolean state, whether they are active or inactive. An example of this would be a conveyor belt, which forces you to move a certain direction when active. Your laser will hold a single charge of “energy”, which it will obtain by deactivating an active object, and can be used by activating an inactive object. Your laser can also go through glass tiles, and bounce off of mirrors.

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