Project Square (2016-2017)

  • A puzzle game with a mix of transport and time travel mechanics
  • Written in JavaScript ES6 with Pixi.js
  • Play it here

Time travel level:

Project Square

Vehicle level:

Project Square

Cloning/color level (previous prototype):

Project Square

You Are The Virus (2015)

  • RTS-style game where you control an army of duplicating viruses to destroy cells
  • Ludum Dare 33 submission
  • Written in C++ with SFML
  • Download here

You Are The Virus - ongoing war

Multiversal (2014-2015)

  • A puzzle platformer game where the goal is to reach the end of each level.
  • You can do this by solving various puzzles using a “window” into an alternate dimension.
  • The window is controlled with your mouse. Whatever is seen through the window instantly becomes part of the real world.
  • Written in C++ with SFML
  • Click here for a demo video
  • Download here

Multiversal - level 1

Undead MMO (2013-2014)

  • A multi-player online zombie survival game, started with some friends. Their websites are:
  • You can choose to work together to survive, or turn on your allies. Everyone is an enemy.
  • We are planning to have many fun items and weapons, as well as multiple game modes.
  • It is currently on hold, but we may continue developing it in the near future.
  • Written in C++ with SFML
  • Source code and more information here

Undead MMO

aMAZEd (2012-2013)


Avalanche (2011)

  • The goal is to survive as long as possible without getting hit by icicles.
  • You can get extra lives from health packs.
  • You can collect force fields, and press space to use them. They last 5 seconds.
  • Written in C++ with SFML
  • Download for LinuxDownload for WindowsDownload source code