New features:

  • Lasers, mirrors, and laser sensors have been implemented.
  • Resolution scaling has been implemented with proper fullscreen support.
  • More detailed changes are in the commit history in the git repository.

Future plans:

  • I’m currently working on a level editor, so I can make an initial batch of levels with it. Later on, this will become more polished and support user-generated levels.
  • Demo builds for GNU/Linux and Windows should be released in the next few weeks, by the end of March. Note that this will be an alpha version, not the fully finished game.
  • New game art is planned to be made by a graphics artist, which will replace the placeholder graphics made by me. This probably won’t be integrated into the game until the beta or final release, so don’t expect it in the demo.

Here is a demo video showing off a laser in the alternate world. This is from a slightly older build, but should give you an idea:

Updates and more information can be found here: