Overworld and more!


PicoES 1.0.0 (stable)

There were many PicoES releases since the last post about alpha1. It’s now finally stable - the performance is much better and the syntax is cleaner and more consistent.


Simple, multi-threaded texture packer in Go. Made this along with various improvements to other build steps to improve my iteration speed down to milliseconds.


This is a part of the tutorial area:

Toroban - Overworld

There’s many more levels not shown here, such as bonus areas and the beginning area that comes after the tutorial. I am still designing new levels to explore the mechanics more deeply. The later levels will combine the mechanics and introduce even more interesting cases. There’s been more tweaks to logic and graphics since the previous demo.


Steam Release

The last free demo was demo 3. The current version is demo 4, which has the overworld. Demo 4 will be available only on Steam - in some kind of early-access or private beta. I plan on releasing an updated free demo version on Steam in addition to the final main game, which will have the tutorial area and maybe some extra levels to show off more mechanics. I’ll post an update when more things go public.