Implemented player color & time state merging.


I missed last week’s update, due to a big move and some other reasons. But, 39 weeks in a row is great! I’ll try not to miss anymore updates, but the next few might not be as big.

Player colors now merge with OR logic. Example: A red group merges with a blue group, the resulting group is completely magenta.

Player time states new merge with OR logic. Example: A paused group merges with a non-paused group. The new group is completely paused, with histories automatically erased on entities with state changes.

Fought a lot of strange player-related bugs. Ended up keeping the “follow” system running on every state change. Rewind can cause merging to occur, but at least now everything works consistently and bug-free.


I am trying to fix timeline management issues. These are related to being able to either execute an action onto a new “segment”, or append to the last one. There is a pre-pruning step that may prevent an action index from being added to the timeline, and this causes a confusing state where an action was successfully executed but not added to the timeline - so when the next action appends, it is not known when or how to add to the timeline. A possible fix would be to get rid of the pre-pruning, always add to the timeline once initially, and then have a post-prune step that is similar to requesting a full prune, but would only run on the last element just added. Could have a post-logic system that runs if the normal logic system executed something, to run that final step. This still could have issues with systems appending actions in the future to elements that don’t have a corresponding timeline index. I’ll focus on getting this completely stable this week.