Visual time immune states.


Fixed the incorrectly displaying paused states on entities:

Toroban - Paused States


Currently working on a new theme with all 2.5D sprites. May have to rework the sprite engine to support overlapping sprites in the correct order using x/y based z-indexes.

New theme:

  • All black floors
  • Walls are brick-like
    • To give contrast to floor/objects which are all less busy/noisy
  • Color walls will look the same as normal walls (with some exceptions for smooth connections)
  • Colors (lights) instead of lasers
    • Full tiles will be a certain color for the sources
    • Re-directions will also be the same color for a smooth connection
    • Mixtures that used to show 2 beams, now will show mixed colors
  • Mirrors are all reworked to make more sense
    • Removed double mirrors
    • Side-to-side mirrors are simple triangular prisms
    • Floor-to-side mirrors are square bracket shaped prisms
  • Goal blocks are cubes
    • Can see inside colors on all visible sides
  • Time areas will fill the tile to represent an area
  • Anything else missed here will be a surprise!