Improved paradoxes and limited life points.


Better Paradoxes

Paradoxes now negate effects of all objects involved in the paradox. Lasers are always blocked by paradoxes. Goal blocks don’t count against the color walls when they are in a paradox - which means they don’t have to be solved and color walls can move down. There could be levels that just require paradoxes to be setup to do these things.

An example level could have two different color blocks, and those two color walls would block the exit, but there wouldn’t be any lasers in the level. You would solve it using time travel, create a paradox out of the two blocks, and it would solve both color walls.

Another example level, a bit more advanced, would require blocking a laser beam, using life points and a goal block of any color. The laser beam would be hitting a block, mixing the incorrect color, so when blocked, would fix the color, and open access to the portal. You could solve this by creating a paradox with the extra life point, which can be used to block the laser.

Toroban - Improved Paradoxes

Max Life Points

After improving the paradoxes, I started on limiting the max number of current life points absorbed by the player. I felt this was OP before, and inconsistent with the new item pushing mechanic. Here is an example of what happens when you pick up more than your max capacity:

Toroban - Limited Life Points


The edge case with a life point being in the same tile as lasers should be handled at the same time. Currently, the life point would be attempted to be pushed. It would be more consistent to cancel out the operation and absorb the life point instead. This is a bit tricky and might require doing a lot of refactoring, but I am hoping to come up with a solution that requires minimal changes.

I am hoping that by next week, I’ll be done with the main mechanics. Then, I will be able to focus on content and polish.