Planning the remaining mechanics.


Some potential ideas were vehicles (for rotation), and block pieces (4 per block). Both of those ideas are very complex and difficult to make intuitive. Maybe in v2 they could be added in with scripting/mods.


What I am thinking now, is have consumable items that rotate objects, with the same consistent rules that apply to life points and time pausers/players. Entry is not allowed when the effect will not change anything.

Mirrors are the only objects that change with direction. The player has a direction but it wouldn’t do much by stepping on a rotator. Other objects like blocks wouldn’t benefit from rotation (without pieces). At first I will only allow mirrors to enter rotators to keep the rules minimal, then later may expand on that.

Next Steps

Focus on finishing rotators. Other side tasks are to design the timeline/action data structures, and to keep designing levels that cover all the possible ideas with the current mechanics.

  • MVP
    • Implement rotators
    • Level design with rotators
  • Prepare for release