Somehow, 4 months ago I posted here saying that I decided on the core mechanics. Well, I got busy with schoolwork, and since then have completely redesigned everything again. So, I’ve finally decided on a base set of a few mechanics that I will be prototyping (not necessarily sticking with). These mechanics have a lot of potential to go very deep in puzzle design. I just recently starting implementing these, and while they are not yet fully functional, I’ve put together a development level as a testbed for the new mechanics. Here is what it looks like currently:


I plan to add many more things after all of the current stuff works properly. I will be adding light blocks that you must light up to get to the exit of the puzzle. I’ll also be adding lasers, which are a different kind of light source. The light sources can be different colors, and the colors of the things that deal with light can change how all of that works.

You also may have noticed that you can’t access the GitHub page anymore. Don’t worry, the demo builds will continue to be published to the GitHub pages site. I will announce on my website when new demos are available - the current ones are extremely outdated though. The source code is now in a private repository, because I am planning to take this game much further than my previous games.