I decided on a different game mechanic for the puzzle game. The laser idea could have been alright, but I couldn’t come up with many interesting, activatable objects to put in the levels.

This new mechanic is having a window to an alternate version of the level, but the stuff you see in the window will apply to the level you are currently in. So if there is no platform in the real level, and a platform in the alternate one, you just need to move the window to that area, so you’ll see the platform and you can actually jump on it! You won’t be able to travel between the realities, because it would break most of the puzzle aspect of the game. Game objects/entities will be able to travel through the window between worlds. Their effects will be applied to the real world whenever they are seen. An example would be a laser which you could see the segment of the beam, but when viewing the laser itself, it would be as if it were in the real world.

That may not make sense to everyone, but I will make a demo video in the future after I have a working prototype of it.