I recently started working on a new platformer-style game, where the objective is to figure out puzzles in order to get to the end of each level. After brainstorming some possibly interesting game mechanics, I decided on giving the main character a laser-like device, which can be used to transfer energy between different objects in the level. Different objects on the maps will have a simple boolean state, whether they are active or inactive. An example of this would be a conveyor belt, which forces you to move a certain direction when active. Your laser will hold a single charge of “energy”, which it will obtain by deactivating an active object, and can be used by activating an inactive object. Your laser can also go through glass tiles, and bounce off of mirrors.

I am mostly just planning/designing the game at this point, and am open to any suggestions for different game mechanics, etc. I do have some basic, generic functionality programmed though. As the development of this game progresses, I will post screenshots, videos, and more information about it.

Also, I just finished my two summer classes, so from this point on, I will have free time to work on stuff.